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2014 AFC South Breakdown and Top 10 Fantasy Players

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By Angel L. Quiles Jr.

Indianapolis Colts

Quarterback Andrew Luck has proven himself to be worth letting go of QB Peyton Manning. Luck led the Colts to the playoffs in his sophomore season last year, and got his first playoff victory by stunning the Chiefs in comeback fashion. If Luck can continue to improve upon his last campaign, the Colts could do big things this season, because their offense is impressive on paper.

They have two explosive wide receivers in Reggie Wayne, and Hakeem Nicks. Trent Richardson is a strong runner, and should have wider running lanes this season, because of the dangerous wide receivers. Moreover, they have Dwayne Allen who many people believe has the ability to become a top five tight end.

All in all, the Colts look good. If they can continue to protect the football like they did last year, only surrendering 14 turnovers. The defense is good enough to help them make another run towards the playoffs.

Houston Texans

I would not want to be a QB lining up under center against this front four. Rookie defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is no joke, and his pro-bowl teammate J.J. Watt has less of a sense of humor. This defense will be fierce, and if the cornerbacks can keep receivers covered in the secondary. Expect the Texans to raise their sack totals exponentially from 32 to about 60.

However, the Texan offense is a laughing matter. Pro-bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson threw a hissy fit in the offseason because he’s tired of losing, and does not believe Ryan Fitzpatrick is the answer at QB. Arian Foster is a beast, but needs to stay healthy. Besides Foster and Johnson there is no one else on the Texans that scares you.

If you’re a Texans fan expect the defense to be more productive on offense, than the offense itself on some nights. Not a good sign for a team that had been going in the right direction.

Tennessee Titans

We should title the Titans season last year the “Hurt Locker” like the oscar winning movie. That is because after QB Jake Locker was hurt last year the Titans promising season fell apart. Lets hope Jake can stay on the field, and keeps developing his skills in the NFL.

Tennessee is not expected to do much, but their offensive line is massive and they can protect the quarterback. If the offensive line manages to be consistent. Locker and wide receiver Justin Hunter may be able to make some exciting highlight plays for Titans fans.

Nonetheless, the Titans D isn’t very good, which will force the team to have to win games shootout style. Something that is hard to sustain at the professional level.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags are another team in this division with not much to look forward to, but the development of their novices. Blake Bortles the Jaguars first-round pick has looked worthy of that selection. His footwork is a bit dicey, but his arm looks fantastic. Therefore, Jags fans should expect some highlight plays from this offense, which will wake them up during blowouts.

Their defense has a budding star in cornerback Alan Ball who can cover his tail off. On offense running back Toby Gerhart has potential to be a stellar number one. The Jaguars have enough talent to keep smiles on their fans faces. However, don’t expect a miracle run to the playoffs.

AFC South Prediction

1- Indianapolis Colts- 12-4
2- Houston Texans- 6-10
3- Tennessee Titans- 4-12
4- Jacksonville Jaguars- 2-14

AFC South Top 10 Fantasy Players

1- Arian Foster- HOU
2- Andre Johnson- HOU
3- Andrew Luck- IND
4- Toby Gerhart- JAC
5- Trent Richardson- IND
6- T.Y. Hilton- IND
7- Reggie Wayne- IND
8- Bishop Sankey- TEN
9- Kendall Right- TEN
10- Cecil Shorts- JAC

Angel L. Quiles Jr. is a sports writer from New York, NY. His passion for professional sports was spawned in the school yards of East Harlem. There he learned how to play football, baseball, and basketball. East Harlem is also where he played little league baseball. At the age of twelve he made the 25th precincts police athletic leagues little league all-star team. That team was invited to play against Fort Lee, New Jersey's all-star team in a game at the original Yankee Stadium. The game was covered by Mr. G's show "Care for kids" a community based program on the old WPIX channel 11 in New York City. Angel never made it to the big leagues, but the show and his passion for sports made Angel realize that he didn't have to play the game professionally in order to be around it. He could become a sports writer, be able to cover the drama of sports, and hopefully make a living doing and watching what he loves.

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