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3 Astounding Airbnbs To Book In 2017

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In 2016, Airbnbs had a great year. A lot of people stay in these places for cheaper pay, making it easier as far saving money for food and travel expenses. Now that the new year is here, individuals probably have new year resolutions of Airbnbs to book in. Here are three of them that are worth the price.


4. Moderne Apartment, Iceland


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One of the most trendiest destinations to go to this year offers exciting activities. These activities include hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, snowshoeing and ice fishing. Although it cost $217 dollars a night, it still worth the place for those that like a beautiful apartment.


3. Hector Cave House, Greece

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The Hector Cave House in Greece is based in the small town of Oia. It has the sweestest sea views and nearby cozy cafes, seaside restaurants and castle ruins. Staying for a night cost $429, much more than guests.


2. EquiDomos Astronomic Hotel, Chile

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The first astronomic hotel in the southern hemisphere of Chile, and that should be enough. This igloo-like hotel has detachable roofs made for stargazing. Also offers thrilling activities like night-time horse rides, massages and tarot sessions and even car rentals to explore Chile. All this for 263 a night is not bad.


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