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4 Food Items to Add to Your Diet for a Healthier Hair


There are several factors that can influence hair growth, especially in women. Hormones and lifestyle choices are among the many determining factors that influence how healthy and fast your hair can grow. Of course, the food you consume also affects the nutrients hair follicles get from the scalp, affecting the growth speed and health of your hair in the process.


Adjusting your diet can indeed help keep your hair healthy and speed up its growth rate. Here are the four food items and nutrients to add to your diet if you want to have a healthier hair.




Vitamin D

Vitamin D is always a tricky nutrient to acquire. You can get vitamin D from fatty fish such as tuna and salmon. Considering there are so many dishes based on these two kinds of fish, you will have no trouble increasing your vitamin D intake.


You can also choose to let the body produce its own vitamin D. All you have to do is stand under the sun for around 30 minutes every morning. However, extended exposure to UV rays may cause other problems further down the line, so make sure you do it in the morning to limit the side effects.


Lean Red Meat

Lean red meat is the perfect source of iron and zinc, the two nutrients most needed by hair follicles. You can also get iron and zinc from soybeans if you want to go down the vegetarian route. Consuming enough iron and zinc will substantially improve hair growth and health in a relatively short time.


Ideally, you need to consume lean red meat twice a week to get the recommended amount of these nutrients. You can combine the consumption of lean red meat with several other food items for maximum effects.



Oranges and other vitamin C-rich food items can help the body absorb iron and zinc better. Adding the right amount of vitamin C to your diet can also help with maintaining the shine and volume of your hair too.


Aside from oranges, you can find vitamin C in red peppers, kale, Brussels sprouts, strawberries, and guava. All of these fruits and food items can be processed into delicious dishes and desserts that will make your diet even more interesting.



Eggs are rich in vitamin B and protein, both of which are crucial in helping the hair grow and stay healthy. The right amount of Omega-3 fatty acids contained in eggs will also help the hair stay hydrated and shinier. If you use hair growth formulas to help fight hair loss and speed up growth, sufficient consumption of eggs can help multiply the effects as well.


Similar to the previous food items we discussed, eggs are easy to integrate into your daily diet. You can add eggs to pastries and other dishes without reducing the benefits they bring. Along with the other three food items we talked about, you can provide your hair with the perfect nutrients to grow faster and healthier.

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