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4 Unique Museums Around The World

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There are many museums around the world dedicated to art and history. While those can be interesting to learn about, there are other unique museums around the world that should be showcased. On your next trip, make sure to add these four places to your itinerary.


1. Museum of Bad Art (MOBA)
Boston, Massachusetts

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Home to the Mana Lisa, the Museum of Bad Art celebrates, well, bad art. Their tagline is “art too bad to be ignored.” They have three locations within Boston, Massachusetts, and a visit to any one of them will surely leave you thinking, “Even I could do that.”


2. Museum of Broken Relationships
Zagreb, Croatia and Los Angeles, California

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Breakups suck, but the Museum of Broken Relationships collects these memory filled artifacts and puts them on display. They have a location in Croatia and one in Los Angeles. If you can’t make it to these places, you can also send in your own contributions by mail. It doesn’t hurt to spend some time reflecting on the universal stories of heartbreak.


3. Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA)
Cancun, Mexico

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The Underwater Museum of Art boasts an eerily beautiful collection of life-size sculptures that can be found in the waters surrounding Cancun. The sculptures are made of pH-neutral clay to promote marine growth, so it is not detrimental to the environment. To enjoy these spectacular pieces, you can take a ride on a glass bottom boat or go scuba diving.


4. Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum
Ikeda, Japan

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Momofuku Ando is the creator of Cup Noodles and he now has an entire museum dedicated to him and his work. You can walk through the Instant Ramen Tunnel and then make your own original Cup Noodles package. Select your favorite soups/toppings and have it sealed to take home and enjoy.

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