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Earlier this week in NYC, premium sports lifestyle brand ’47unveiled their collaborative collection with Black Fives Foundation, a non-profit organization that works to research, preserve, showcase, and teach the pre-1950 history of African Americans in basketball, to create a first-of-its-kind collection of headwear, apparel and accessories that combines fashion with history.

“Both ’47 and the Black Fives Foundation represent a legacy that is deeply rooted in American sport history, and we are honored to work with them on this collaboration,” said ’47’s co-owner Steven D’Angelo. “’47 supports the history of sports, so it was a natural fit to join forces with the Black Fives Foundation and bring this new genre to life, by sharing the untold stories of how the Black Fives Era helped pave the way for basketball as we know it today.”

“The vision behind this collaboration from our two authentically rooted brands is to not only capture fans’ passion for basketball, history, and quality workmanship, but also to honor and celebrate the once-forgotten but important efforts and contributions of the game’s early African American pioneers,” said Claude Johnson, Executive Director of the Black Fives Foundation.

Key boutique partners in cities where Black Fives Era teams played, collaborated on the designs and will be offering the collection in their retail locations.

  1. New York – Reed Space
  2. Chicago – LDRS
  3. Pittsburgh – Shop 412
  4. LA – Hall of Fame
  5. DC – Major
  6. New Jersey – Packer
  7. Philadelphia – Sneaker Villa

Check out the collection below.

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