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5 Celebrity Dogs That We Can’t Get Enough Of

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Our society’s fascination with celebrities of all shapes, flavors, and size is a cultural phenomenon that has endured since the earliest days of our history. If there’s one thing that gets heads turning quicker than an A-list celebrity it’s a cute animal, and when the two things are combined we discover an entirely new form of admiration and fascination that exists between fans and their favorite celebrity pets. Here we look at some celebrity’s dogs and a few dogs who have become celebrities in their own right.


Matzoball & Meatball; Adam Sandler


These two bull dogs are the pride and joy of their owner, actor, comedian, and once, along with Will Ferrell, savior of Saturday Night Live: Adam Sandler. Sandler has often spoken in interviews about his love of animals, which began when he was still a child, and ‘the twins’ as they are occasionally affectionately referred to, are his pride and joy even now. They accompany him when he works and receives the exact kind of over-the-top pampering you would expect a celebrity like Sandler to warrant.


Esmerelda; Ann Hathaway


Esmeralda is a beautiful chocolate Labrador owned by Ann Hathaway and her partner Adam Shulman. Following their low-key wedding ceremony a few years ago, the couple was spotted strolling through New York that very same day with Esmeralda. The Labrador was even there when Shulman first proposed! In fact, fans of Ann’s have become so used to seeing Esmeralda walking alongside her that many of them now offer the dog treats, leading Ann to quip that “they seem to love [Esmeralda] more than they do me!” Esmerelda is well-trained and often walks alongside the couple without being on a leash. Hathaway secured ‘custody’ of the dog following an acrimonious split from her previous partner.


Baxter; Ryan Reynolds


Reynolds has described meeting Baxter as “love at first sight”, going on to say, “I saw this big, dumb-looking retriever staring up at me…I whispered to him, ‘Hey, let’s get the hell out of here.’ And he jumped up, like he spoke English fluently. He came with me, he jumped in the car, and we’ve been best buddies ever since.” Baxter is now a frequent guest star in many of Reynolds publicity shots.


Cora; Jon Hamm


Along with his long-term girlfriend, Mad Men star, Jon Hamm, adopted Cora. Hamm has spoken about his support for animal rights causes in the past and is known to donate to animal shelters.


In the past Jon Hamm has been an advocate of reforming marijuana laws, favoring regulation and decriminalization. One of his arguments for this is the medical properties offered by cannabis extracts such as CBD. In fact, Canna-Pet is now producing similar, all-natural CBD products to treat a variety of ailments in dogs.


Ren; Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield


This celebrity couple purchased golden retriever, Ren, right after they first got together. They were initially only supposed to foster her before a permanent home could be found but were so smitten that they ended up adopting her.


As long as our fascination with the minutiae of celebrity’s lives persists, so will our curiosity when it comes to their immediate family, and now pets.

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