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5 Episodes of ‘Bob’s Burgers’ That Prove Why This Show Is So Good!


Bob’s Burgers is an American animated sitcom on FOX, which is about a family of five, the Belchers, who work at their family burger restaurant. The parents, Bob and Linda, and their three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise, all have wacky adventures as they go through their daily routine.


Bob’s Burgers is different from most animated comedy shows on FOX because this family truly love, and try to do the best they can for each other. Also, the situations they get into are pure hilarity. Here are five episodes that showcase why Bob’s Burgers is genius:



1-“Dawn of the Peck”-Season 5, Ep. 4


This episode gets its points for hilarity alone. The gist of the episode is that it’s Thanksgiving, and Linda decided to go to the first ever Turkey Trot, while the kids decide to try out the free rides. Bob, whose favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, is upset because nobody wants to wait for him to cook dinner. At the Turkey Trot chaos implodes when the birds start attacking participants.


This episode is hilarious as it’s a combination of The Birds and Jurassic Park. Everyone is trying to get out of the chaos, while Bob is at home, drunk, and listening to Donna Summer while he enjoys his day off.


2-“Mother Daughter Laser Razor”-Season 3, Ep. 10


Linda feels she and Louise are not so close, so she decides to take Louise to a mother-daughter seminar to help their relationship. Meanwhile, Tina is insecure as she notices she has hairy legs and asks Bob for help.


Even though this episode is about Linda and Louise, the scene with Tina, Bob, and Gene is oddly cute. Bob takes Tina to a waxing salon, and when she gets nervous he gets his legs waxed with her so she won’t be scared. When Gene wants his legs waxed, Bob just turns around and goes. No toxic masculinity here. When Tina later regrets waxing her legs because of peer pressure, Bob tells her that she is still Tina, no matter what choices she makes. A+ Parenting there, Bob!


3-“Boyz for Now”-Season 3, Ep. 21


In this episode, Tina gets tickets for her favorite boy band and Louise unwillingly goes with her. She then gets a spontaneous crush on one of the singers, Boo Boo, and has no idea what to do. Meanwhile, Bob and Linda are with Gene at a table-setting competition. When Gene doesn’t have a theme for the second half, his parents try to help out.


This episode was firing from all cylinders of the family dynamics. For once Tina tries to help Louise with her new feeling towards a boy, which is nice to see, while Bob and Linda help and encourage Gene. Major family feels here.


4-“The Laser-inth”-Season 7, Ep. 18


This episode starts with Bob’s birthday, and him finding out that the laser show he went to as a kid is having its last performance. Him and Gene decide to go together. As the laser show begins, Gene becomes overwhelmed by the loud noises and starts screaming. Bob calms him down by taking Gene to the car, and plays the music quietly as he explains the storyline to Gene. Making Gene some earplugs, they somehow manage to get back and enjoy the show.


This episode just shows how much a difference this is from other animated shows on FOX such as, Family Guy and The Simpsons. Bob doesn’t tell Gene to deal with it. Instead, he helps him to relax.


5-“Bad Tina”-Season 2, Ep. 8


This is one of the earlier episodes. Tina becomes friends with a snotty girl name, Tammy, who becomes a bad influence. Tina starts talking back to her parents, sneaking out, and wearing trashy makeup. Then Tammy decides to humiliate her with erotic-friend fiction, and the family pulls together to help Tina out of this. One of the most iconic lines ever is uttered as a result, “We’re Belchers, from the womb to the tomb.”


This episode perfectly shows their family dynamic is.

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