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Five Hobbies That Won’t Cost A Fortune

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By Florian Plenge


From time to time, people tend to get bored in life. They work, eat and sleep for most of the week, maybe do their favorite hobby but won’t have time due to being exhausted. Sometime the hobbies can be expensive, but there are other alternatives to these problems. Here are five of them that won’t cost more than six figures.


Learning the piano

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Learning to play a musical instrument was found to have numerous health benefits, such as regulating moods, reducing stress levels and even having faster reactions in later life. While traditionally, learning to play was an expensive hobby, requiring one-to-one tuition, with Skoove (www.skoove.com), all users need is a keyboard, computer and an internet connection. With subscriptions starting as low as $9.95/month, learning the piano has never been easier (or more affordable!).



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If you would like to learn more about a particular subject, such as fashion, history, politics or science, then podcasting is a great way to develop this hobby, without taking up too much of your time. Simply download a free platform like Acast (www.acast.com) and select a category that you’re interested in. You can tune in as you commute, go for a jog, or whenever you have a free moment to develop your interests and passions into a hobby.



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It is a simple truth that the more you enjoy cooking, the better you will become and the tastier your food will be. This is a hobby that doesn’t need to cost you anything beyond the ingredients, as there are numerous recipes and tips to be found online. However, if you would like some help you can use services that deliver fresh food and recipes, or you can hit up Epicurious (www.epicurious.com), which is host to plenty of recipes and cooking tips.


Coloring in

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If you would like to get artistic, but aren’t sure about your drawing ability, try out one of the hugely successful adult coloring-in books. You can choose a book like Secret Garden, or others more fitting with your interests, be it Harry Potter or comic books. Not only is this hobby hugely therapeutic, but it also won’t cost you anything beyond the book and the coloring tools.



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If you love browsing beautiful photographs on Instagram, it might be a good idea to try photography as a new hobby. Many of us might have digital cameras lying around from the days before smartphones, or perhaps you were lucky enough to get one for Christmas. Once you have the equipment, you can sign up to a free course to learn the basics, or simply pick an environment and start photographing

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