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5 Reasons Men Should Get Pedicures


Take one second to picture yourself sitting in a huge massage chair that doesn’t get tired of knocking at those brawny back muscles after only 5 minutes like your girlfriend does. Then envision having your feet soaking in a bath of perfectly temped water after a long week of hard work,  then having someone massage your feet once they come up for air. In case any of you gentlemen are wondering where all of this could come to reality, it’s called a nail salon. I know what most of you are already thinking, only women get pedicures; WRONG!!!! While the majority of pedicure recipients are women, they’re not solely for women. Taking care of your feet is extremely important and these 5 reason will let you know why.


Benefit Number 1: Improving Foot Health


Dirty feet are like an open arena for bacteria to fungi to fester and turn infectious. Getting regular pedicures is a simple way to get rid of all the dirt stuck under your toenails that you may not not be able to get to. During the pedicure process, your pedicurist will also exfoliate your feet to remove any dead skin that could be causing any other bacterial issues as well. The use of  essential oils, and salts while the foot is soaking will allow you to get some additional anti-bacterial protection as well.

Benefit Number 2: Stress Reliever


If your job calls for you to be on your feet all day long, then getting a pedicure may be just the thing you need. With all of your other stresses weighing on you for hours throughout your day, and hour of relaxation should do you some good. Let the pedicurist be the professional for an hour while you just sit back and relax.

Benefit Number 3: Reducing Foot Odor


Most times your feet are locked away in leather work shoes, sneakers, or even boots and the only time they get to breather are when you come home after your long day. Being trapped in a sock and stuck in a shoe doesn’t really yield for the sent of roses. Once your feet are exfoliated and your pedicurist has removed any dead skin that may trap and add odors, your feet will feel and remain more fresh throughout your day.

Benefit Number 4: No In-grown Toe Nails


Most men don’t really pay too much attention to how they are cutting their toe nails. Cutting the nails too short could leave your toes with an ingrown toe nail. This painful growth is the result of cutting the nail too close to the skin. A pedicurist will ensure that your toes are cut even and at the proper length to avoid any ingrown toenails.

Benefit Number 5: The Appeal


Just like men, women look at toes as well. While most men’s toes aren’t as exposed as women’s it is still important to put your best looking foot forward. A toe that is oder free, well cut, and free of any dead skin is added bonus to your already appealing self.


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