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50 Cent Accused of Stealing “Power”

50 Cent

This is why you should never throw stones in glass houses people…writer Curtis Scoon took to Twitter accusing 50 Cent of stealing the concept of the show “Power”, which 50 Cent is an executive producer and actor.

Scoon chronicled the development of his script titled Dangerous. He considered rapper Maino for the part but also caught the interest of 50 Cent’s camp. Scoon alleged 50 Cent’s hesitancy for getting involved in the project was because of issues they’ve had between each other in the past.

“Dubose informed his staff and [screenwriter] Byron, 50 Cent was interested in Dangerous and would be coming to his office for a meeting. I have the email.” said Scoon.

Scoon has also faced rumors for being responsible for the death of Jam Master Jay, 50 Cent’s mentor.

The accusation towards 50 are interesting, since he accused the makers of the FOX show “Empire” of copying his marketing tactics. He took to Instagram, which has since been deleted, where he posted a side by side photo of Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson asking fans which show was better between “Empire” and “Power”.

This isn’t the first time 50 has been accused of stealing ideas. Sleek Audio won a lawsuit against 50 Cent for wrongfully using the headphone company’s product design and confidential client information for SMS Audio.


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