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How “50 Shades of Grey” Can Improve Your Relationship


With over 100 million copies sold worldwide, it’s safe to say that the Fifty Shades of Grey series has been dominating (so to speak) book sales for some time now. And with the first official trailer for the film adaptation racking up over 100 million views since its release this past summer, it seems the movie will be following in the successful footsteps of the novels.

But if you have yet to read the popular Fifty Shades, it might be worth reconsidering. Though it seems counter-intuitive, reading (or watching) the steamy relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele unfold could actually improve your own.

Experience it Together

Whether your preference is reading or watching (or both!), just make sure you and your partner experience Fifty Shades together. As much fun as rounding up the girls to ogle Mr. Grey over popcorn and Milkduds sounds, taking it in with your significant other may be better for your relationship in the long run. According to this report, couples who try new interests together are happier. Shared experiences bring novelty to the relationship, helping to prevent boredom—ten-fold when the shared experience in question is erotica.

Not only will you both be more than ready to hit the bedroom when you get home from the theater, it will also give you the opportunity to reconnect through the alone time a date night can provide. Grab dinner beforehand or drinks after and focus on each other, strengthening the intimate bonds you share in the process.

Re-Enact Your Favorite Scenes at Home

As with any other aspect of your relationship, the key to a healthy (and happy) sex life is communication. As written here, sharing your fantasies with your partner can be a bonding experience. Watching Fifty Shades or reading the book together is an easy way to segue into a conversation with your significant other about new things you might want to try in the bedroom, and can even provide you with a source of inspiration for kinkier play.

Try discussing your favorite scenes and then re-enacting them at home. To start, it’s suggested that you should restrain your partner with blindfolds and handcuffs, then tease them with the light touch of a feather tickler. As you and your significant other become more comfortable, dive deeper into the world of Mr. Grey, experimenting with dominant and submissive roles.

Take it a Step Further

Now that you’ve delved into the world of erotica with Fifty Shades of Grey, why stop there? According to a guide to boosting libido, reading erotica can be a great way to get in the mood. While Fifty Shades might have simply been a starting point, exploring other romance novels with your partner can help keep your sex life exciting, even after Christian and Anastasia make their grand exit.

By exploring different scenarios vicariously through the characters in erotic novels, you and your partner will be able to discover what turns you both on. Whether your libido needs a boost or you’re in a bit of a sexual slump, erotica can help keep things interesting in the bedroom, making you more aware of your desires—and those of your significant other—and creating a safe space in which you can explore them.

Words By: Angela Peck

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