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6LACK — A New Sound For R&B

Upcoming R&B artist from Atlanta, Ricardo Valdez Valentine known by his stage name 6LACK (pronounced as BLACK), has gotten a lot of attention lately with his latest album “FREE 6LACK” released in November 2016. With hit singles including “PRBLMS” and “Ex Calling,” he’s bringing a unique sound to R&B and it’s growing rather fast.


Driven by the ideas of ‘popular culture’ over ‘popular radio’, 6LACK once found himself in an jailed predicament [record label] where he felt his talents were being limited. As he states in a memoir for his album, “They wanted me to be a hit song and I wanted to show them I was more than that.”


Unbeknownst of his label at the time, 6LACK fought back by releasing music onto SoundCloud, thus gaining over a million hits and establishing his own brand in the process. After five years of being tied down, he finally broke free of his contract and has never given up since, hence his album name,”FREE 6LACK.”


The 24-year-old artist is now signed on to record label LVRN, who stated in his memoir, “…understood that music is so much more than just making hit records… they understood everything I wanted to establish with my brand. I believed in them and they believed in me.”


Now, he’s no longer limited and continues to inspire his followers as he always has. In fact, he’s taking his brand to the next level especially after his sold out shows in Toronto and New York. According to XXLMAG,  ‘Starboy‘ singer ‘The Weeknd‘ has recently added 6LACK to his Starboy U.S. tour dates when he returns from Europe in April. Even collaborations with other well known artists including popular singer/songwriter Jhene Aiko are also in the works.


Click here to listen to his latest album on SoundCloud!
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