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7 Ways to Kick Yourself Out of Permanent Chill Mode

Chill Pill

Chill Pill

So you finally walked across the stage in that cap and gown to receive your diploma? Are you still reeling from the “moments” you selflessly served to the masses during fashion week? Have you just done something epic-achieved some near impossible, awe inspiring feat which afterwards you thought just for a moment you would take a much deserved “chill?” Perhaps the initial purpose of your time out was to gain some inspiration and refocus your thoughts. Perhaps it started out by you visiting new places, seeing loved ones and joining new groups. Yes, this all seems innocent enough. The only problem is that what started out as a moment to gain some clarity took a hideous left turn into chill mode; the arch nemesis of go-getter’s spirit. Chill mode means, you’re suddenly watching day time television. You actually have time to study the workings of Instagram and notice your friend has 3456 followers with exactly 2 real friendships yours included. You’ve become up-to-date on everybody’s business via Insta-stalking. Suddenly, you’re at home mastering the “Selfie” complete with complimentary filter. Before you know it, running across the street to the store becomes an “outing” for you. Needless to say, you’ve crossed the line. Get up. Shake it off and go get your hunger for real life back. Congratulations on your success and all,  but the party doesn’t stop because you’ve crossed off some words from your five year (month/week/day) plan.  Indeed the world keeps turning, and there are more journeys to be had. Here’s some tidbits to get you out of chill mode.

  1. Newton’s First Law: An object at rest stays at rest. An object in motion stays in motion. So move! Go to the gym, go running or dancing. Do something that gets your body moving and your heart pumping. Chances are you won’t want to stop.
  2. Now You See It: Find that quote, picture or inspirational speech that takes you back to why you wanted to tackle the goal in the first place. Hang it up, or listen to it regularly. It helps to remember why you started in order to better see where you’re going.
  3. Evolution Revolution: Find NEW inspiration! One of the reasons why you might be stuck in chill mode is because what used to move you, you no longer find the same passion in. Let’s face it, as human beings we evolve. Luckily new inspiration is all around you (especially if you live in New York City). Try new things and follow where your gut is telling you to go. Embrace your evolution without losing your purpose.
  4. Birds of a feather… : In most cases you are the company you keep. Be around the go-getters and those who aren’t just letting life happen to them. Be around people who are on your level or are doing better than you. It’s critical however that you don’t compare yourself to anyone. This is destructive and will do more harm than good. Be inspired but never compare. Your life is only yours.
  5. Look Good, Feel Good: Save up your nickels and dimes and clean up a bit. Get a fresh cut, get your hair done. Something light. Looking good on the outside might be that extra kick of confidence you need to keep going. Let’s be honest, it helps to have an incentive to leave the house.
  6. Fear Factor: So you got what you wanted. Now what? You’re afraid of the future and hypothetical failure. So you stand still because possible misfortune has you grounded. I say, be very afraid of what you’re doing right now because a successful life is making new mistakes (with the operative word being new). As long as your screw up’s are different from the ones you had before you’re doing spectacular. If the risk is really that great, develop a safety net.
  7. Take 10 to be Selfish: Take 10 minutes. Loss the internet, the people and noise of life. Focus on you for at least 10 minutes and make a list of things that you’ve learned about yourself after you’ve completed the goal that left you in chill mode. What did you find where your strengths and what could you improve on. Be working on those things tomorrow when you press play on your life.

Good Luck.

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