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Alexander Wang’s $8,800 Beanbag Chair

Alexander Wang is no stranger to the world of unexpected projects! His web-shop sells a studded coaster set, lighter case, and water bottle holder- all in black leather, alongside the coveted clothes and bags. Completely unanticipated, the world had no idea this collaboration would hit.

Alexander teamed up with Poltrona Frau, an Italian furniture maker and leather specialist to output these innovative designs. Never before putting thought to the idea if him designing furniture before, Wang put his creative genius to work and didn’t back down from the challenge. Is anything insurmountable for this Fashion Mega-Man?

When Poltrona Frau approached me, I was so excited because they’re such a leader in the industry, so renowned for the product and the quality and the prestige. So I said yes of course immediately.

The outcome: Two beanbag seats and a trunk bar, both made in matte black leather with brass trimming. Wang has elevated a simple essential dorm room elements to high-end luxury furniture pieces priced at $8,800 for the beanbag and $18,500 for the trunk.

So, is Alexander Wang in the furniture business now? I guess we will have to wait and see. Make sure to take a closer looks at his latest project venture in the slideshow above.



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