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Amir Obe` “Hennessey Breath”


We live in an era where everyone is a rapper or some type of hip hop artist. Everyday there’s a new mix tape or EP from artist we’ve never even heard of before. So in a sea of saturated filth that people call music, how does one filter out the garbage to actually hear the good stuff? Well that’s where the amazing staff of Bleu comes in place eagerly ready  to satisfy your musical needs. With a current song called,  “Hennessey Breath” making waves way beyond the east river, the latest jam by Amir Obe` has also splashed the internet leaving it soaked with a new swag.

As the Bathing Ape, Brooklyn bound, beat beast has seemingly done well for himself independently, he expresses that he’s open to the idea of a major label despite the accomplishment he’s already made. “I’ve recently been entertaining the possibility of another Major partnership but only when it’s mutually beneficial.” With such buzz surrounding the upcoming Mix-Tape titled, Detrooklyn it wouldn’t be a surprise if the interest would intensify as much as the song has online.

As I imagine the rolling of the eyes, or hear the sucking of the teeth from those in disgust of supporting another mix tape; Let’s not forget the history of mix-tapes and how it became the catalyst for  unsigned talent or signed artist with lukewarm careers. For instance, Nicki Minaj didn’t  begin to surface on people’s radars until Her 3rd Mix tape “Beam me Up Scotty. Secondly, Young Money label mate Drake starred in Degrassi as an actor. There was no interest in Aubrey Graham as an artist until his mix tape “Comeback Season” swept the country. Lastly, R&B singer Trey Songz had a modest career compared to his peers such as Chris Brown & NeYo. However, after becoming one of the first R&B singers to create a mix-tape it catapulted him to where he is now. With all this being said, yes mix-tapes are a saturated thing of the present. However, its up to us music lovers to sort through the trash to find the hidden treasures such as Amir’s “Detrooklyn” mix tape.

I’m certain that many may wonder why is Detrooklyn is considered a gem. The tatted, supreme cap New Yorker explains, “My mix-tape is imaginative. It’s one of the only projects you can hear from start to finish that puts you in perspective. It’s not narrative, it’s not flamboyant it’s just very raw and introspective. You’ll have to hear it to understand.” Moreover; he continues by saying, “I’m a big fan of all things creative. I grew up with an interest of art and fashion, too many people to name. Musically my biggest influence was my producer Nylz. He allowed me to develop as an artist and we both witnessed a lot of growth. We are constantly competing with each other on every song we make, we make each other better.

With such tenacity, ambition, and talent at his finger tips, It’s evident that that Amir Obe` has a swell chance of leaving his Jordan footprint as an artist to watch. Grateful for the support, the “Hennessey Breath” star leaves a few words with his true supporters as well as no life having haters. ” If I can say one thing to my supporters it would be I appreciate the love and patience. Haters will have a lot to hate about when #Detrooklyn drops July 15th!

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