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Angela Simmons, The Classic Around The Way Beauty

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Angela Simmons inherited her business skills from Daddy Rev Run, Uncle Rush and we can’t forget aunt Kimora! She has traded in her Pastry Kicks for pumps, and walks in confidence from meeting to meeting as the fashionista she is! A woman on the move in the world of fashion from NY to LA, that’s not all she’s mastered…A. Simmons has taken the original “classic beauty” tag and added her own twist. Classic meaning timeless, feminine, and flawless, she does classic plus a dose of B-Boy stance, creating what I deem the “Classic Around the Way Beauty” known as Angela Simmons, that is her! Walking in her beauty, a style that’s all her own!

Often seen donning a bold lippie in red, vibrant pink, or rich bordeaux–she usually pairs it with dewy skin, lashes and liner to enhance her big doe eyes. She will also sport a beanie or baseball cap in addition to the red hot lip, totally taking her look from classic to around the way, and she’s still just as beautiful yet sexy with a feminine edge! No matter what style she surrenders to, it always transfers well on cameraA! It’s obvious, the camera loves her!

Angela Simmons is one of our favorite selfie queens…A natural born beauty from around the way!

Photo credit: @angelasimmons Instagram

Ebony Allison attended The Art Institute of Atlanta where she studied Fashion/Retail Management. She is currently the Fashion Editor for Bombshell by Bleu. Follow her @ebonyaalayah

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