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Angra dos Reis | The Perfect Island Getaway


Located in the southern region of Brazil between Rio and São Paulo, Angra dos Reis is the perfect travel destination. It holds 365 islands and a mini-port that is encompassed by lofty, forested shorelines. According to cariocas, the native people of Rio de Janeiro, it is where they go to get away from all problems.


If you are planning to party your life away in Rio at the end of February for Rio Carnival, you might want to pay a visit to Angra dos Reis for some much needed R&R. And now is the time to strike. The tourism board has been taking steps to reinstate the visa waivers that were put in place during the Olympics, which allowed tourists to visit places outside of the major cities. Brazilian hotel chain, Fasano, announced that they are opening a new location in May that will include a marina, golf course, spa, restaurants, and open terraces with breathtaking forest and sea views. The Brazilian government has also guaranteed $8 million to revamp the infrastructure of Ilha Grande, one of the most popular islands in Angra.


So, what are you waiting for? Call up your travel agent and start planning today! In just a few weeks you could be exploring different islands, museums, wildlife areas or historical buildings, and taking in the raw beauty, history and culture of the region.

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