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Around The World In Four Backpacks

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When it comes to traveling around the world, try to invest in a nice backpack that’s stylish and has the essential features. Backpacks are much easier to carry than suitcases when going up the stairs and traveling light and fast. Here are four travel backpacks you should buy for a smooth vacation according to Popular Mechanics.


1. PacSafe Venturesafe EXP65 Anti-Theft Travel Backpack ($270)

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This backpack was made for safe travelers that want to protect their goods. It’s equipped with a hard-to-breach locking system that includes a padlock, slashguards, and a locking cable. The backpack also has a 65-liter capacity, capable of holding liquid products on the go.


2. Kelty Redwing 50 Backpack ($80)

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A full U-shaped zipper backpack meant for casual travelers who are price-shopping. More importantly the load that it can hold makes it stable and comfortable for any individual. Looks good in style for those that want to show off.


3. Granite Gear Cross-Trek 32-Inch Wheeled Duffel ($210)

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One of the more versatile backpacks in the world that is a rolling carry-on, duffel bag, and backpack all in one. In addition it has corner protectors, a kick plate, tear-resistant and water-fighting fabrics. Don’t be shy in buy this expensive backpack since versatility is key in being successful.


4. Pacsafe Vibe Anti-Theft 40 Backpack ($140)

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The Pacsafe Vibe Anti-Theft 40 Backpack perfect for weekend travelers. It has a laptop sleeve and unzips easily like a carry on. Furthermore, the backpack features a well-thought locking system to make sure that the gear is safe and secure.


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