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Astronomical Ambition: The X Factor Kid Astro is Grown


The Astronomical Kid, also known as a young X Factor rapper is all grown up and releasing a new EP called Computer Era in between starring on Fox’s Red Band Society.

So Astro, what was the most challenging part about being on a reality TV show like the X -Factor?
Probably the press.  We had to do press after every performance.  I was young so it wasn’t like I took it extra serious, but it taught me how to do press today.

You’ve already worked with some amazing artists such as Torion, Termanology, and Cher Lloyd.  Who would be on you dream list to collaborate with in the future?
Jay Z, definitely.  He’s my favorite rapper.  For acting, Denzel Washingtonastro1

How are you different from or alike to your character Dash Hosney on Red Band Society?
Well we’re both very ambitious I’d say.  He knows what he wants, he does what he wants and he doesn’t like to answer to higher authorities.  He enjoys every second of his life; his phrase is YOLO, “You Only Live Once”.  And different… I wouldn’t dress like Dash, his style’s a little crazy for me.
Speaking of style, do you have any favorite apparel brands or products that you use?

I mainly rock my own clothing.  It’s called Grade A Tribe.  That’s mainly the stuff I wear all of the time because I designed it so I know what I am comfortable in.

Congratulations on your nomination for BET’s Young Star Award!  What advice would you give to young people who long to be in music or television?
You know, have fun.  Understand what the industry is, but don’t take everything super seriously.

What inspired your latest EP, Computer Era?
New York, I’d say.  And life.  Life inspires all of my music; the things I go through, the things other people go through.   This time around it was all about making feel good music, and it’s something that you can relate to.

As an actor, how hastro3as being a series regular on Red Band Society influenced your process?
Maybe, I’m more comfortable in front of the camera—we shoot everyday.  It loosened me up a bit, so now I can lay back a little more.
Who are your mentors? Musically and acting-wise?
I don’t have any mentors acting-wise.  I have people that I look up to but no one I really sit down and talk to about acting. Everyone on set is cool, we all hangout together.  And we just recently started going to parties together.
Any romances in your life Astro?
No, not currently.

What are you plans for after the release of your new EP?
I plan to do more shows and to go on tour eventually: California, Chicago…it’s not about the city for me, its just wherever I have supporters.

Check out Astro’s EP Computer Era on iTunes!

Photography by Ben Miller

Taylor earned Bachelor of Arts from Wagner College in Spanish and Anthropology. Follow her Instagram @taylorstabler

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