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Alton Mason could be your average 19 year old who grooves to Michael Jackson and loves to dance--except he's so much more than that. After being scouted

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One in a Million is a pale pink coffee shop in the heart of Seoul’s Itaewon neighborhood, staffed by a few beautiful male model

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Much like finding the perfectly fitted suit jacket or the ideal trouser break, there’s no catch-all solution for making the most of our skin.   Although

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The list of Donald Trump's atrocities against democracy is growing so rapidly that it's becoming a tired exercise to spill even digital ink recounting

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There are many museums around the world dedicated to art and history. While those can be interesting to learn about, there are other unique

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Whether you're against the captivity of wild animals or you're simply seeking a new type of vacation, interacting with animals in their natural habitats can be

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You have heard of swimming pools, but have you heard of swimming holes? They are nature's beautiful reserves of water that beat chlorine filled, kid

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Riley Montana returned to her birthplace of Detroit, Michigan for Brandon Maxwell’s latest spring/summer 2017 campaign titled “Ebony.” The 26-year-old model found her big

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Chance the Rapper is a 23-year-old independent artist who has already made a name for himself. After releasing three albums in the span of