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Avery Wilson: Q&A The Third Degree




Avery Wilson is one of the most underrated artist who actually possesses REAL TALENT! After his amazing run on NBC’s season 3 of The Voice, his sad departure from the singing competition was bitter sweet. After being eliminated from Cee Lo Green’s Team, he was quickly snatched up by the legendary Clive Davis himself. In addition, how many artists can actually say that the very man who discovered one of the greatest voices ever to exist such as Whitney Houston would see the very light within the Connecticut crooner; However, Avery humbly gives credit to his mentor & friend singer/ songwriter Sean Garrett  who has guided him presenting several opportunities. With the wisdom of Mr. Garret and Mr. Davis, it’s evident that Avery will undoubtably be a force to be reckon with as he slays the the game  belting one rift at a time. Gearing up for his debut album, Bleu has been fortunate to speak with the “Change my Mind” singer grilling the stylish vocal beat with The Third Degree.

Q) 1. People have been anticipating new music as well as an album from you, can we expect any projects in the near future?

A) “I’m working on my album at the moment and I’m super excited about what we’re doing. I know it’s a big thing for those who’ve been following me, they’ve been waiting and anticipating. I’m so glad I have this time to get to get to the music and get it right. I just want to put out the best work that I can. My biggest thing is that I don’t want to put out something and let you guys down and the fans that support me. I’ve been working really hard and I’m super excited. Hearing what I have and what I’m working will definitely be a surprise to everyone. I feel like I’ve been holding out. I’ve been working on the album and some other cool things I might put out before that. Focusing on my music to open up and let you guys really know whom I am as an individual and artist making it crystal clear. People watch my covers and say, “We love your covers but where’s your music?” Well it’s on its way and that is what I’m focused on right now.”

Q) 2. What would you consider the biggest inspiration behind this album that you’re currently working on?

A) “I think the biggest inspiration behind this project right now is simply the time I’m being awarded to really figure out how I want to be presented. I want to give my perception on love, and my perception on life because my perspective is always changing and being apart of the culture. Everything that’s going on now is so much different than when I first started, every T was crossed and I’s were dotted. Now it’s a little more edgy. I think I’m just growing up and beginning to understand whom I am.”

Q) 3. What is the most valuable lessons you’ve learned simply by working with Clive Davis and Sean Garett?

A) “I received so much advice from Clive and Sean but I think my biggest thing was that I didn’t fully understand how much work goes into the artistry. I’ve always been creative and sometimes we look past a lot of things like on how much you actually have to push yourself, how much you actually have to push yourself, how much you actually have to change certain ways of thinking, or how much you actually have to evolve. The process of it all is that it’s every single day, It never stops! So I think that’s the biggest thing that they’ve taught me which is to keep pushing even during the time you don’t necessarily feel like of digging deep. That’s what really makes you, YOU! That understanding of what the artist inside of you is, it’s so much and I’m grateful to have the support of a caliber such as those two. Like this is Clive Davis and Sean Garret. You move me to the side and they done so much and the fact I’m apart of that is mind blowing and an amazing thing for me.”


Bonus Question: Who are your favorite fashion designers?
Answer) “My favorite designers right now I would have to say are they typical Givenchy’s. I really love Acne Studios. It’s kind of a very liberating clothing line. It’s kind of a very liberating clothing line. It’s so on from my street but it still very classic and I’m a classic kind of artist, but I love that they do a lot of A symmetrical things they do, especially with their pants and jackets. It’s stuff people don’t do but they take the risk so I’m really into that but really my thing right now. I’m really into Euro chic kind of thing. I’m always down for a good supreme shirt jacket some Yeezy’s. I’m for hall but I’m for the classic with a twist.”

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