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Batman Vs Superman Review: Had Good and Bad Moments, But Sets Up Future DC Films

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The hype for the biggest superhero movie in Hollywood history ends up on the big screen. Everyone, including myself were ready, excited and thrilled to see the battle between two icon superhero characters for the first time together in live action. The movie Batman Vs Superman shows good and bad moments for the audience, but sets up future DC films.

The story itself is a mix of confusion and why is this happening? The movie begins with a flashback of Bruce Wayne’s parents getting killed by the mugger. Then goes into the destruction displayed by Superman against General Zod with Wayne going to help the other citizens in the city.

From that point on, the first hour and a half of the movie is pretty much a debate on whether Superman is good or bad. The whole theme of the movie is if he’s acceptable in society. Most of the time it’s hard to either feel bad for Superman with what he is dealing with or applaud the government for looking at him as a villain. Henry Cavill did an okay job again for the role, but it felt depressing by the audience looking at him as the bad guy. He made Batman, played by Ben Affleck, look like the savior of mankind.

Affleck did a tremendous job playing Bruce Wayne and Batman. This Batman is different than the others due to him being older and more brutal than before. It’s based on the Frank Miller story “The Dark Knight Returns” as he’s more muscular, bigger and doesn’t care about doing it the right way. He definitely did a good job as most fans didn’t want Affleck to be Batman. Affleck and Gal Gaddot, who played Wonder Woman, were the bright parts of the movie. It also had some of the best visual effects since director Zack Synder did Man of Steel. But it didn’t overcome the bad. 

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