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Be A Hottie in Your Own Right: The Dance A GoGo Movement



DANCE a GoGo (DaGG) was founded by Andrea Lin (aka. SuperDoll) with the optimistic goal of bridging the gap between Pop Culture and women’s everyday lives, giving them a platform to live out the fantasy of a Diva through music and dance while becoming culturally relatable, trend aware, and body conscious. It’s been described as a new, wholesome way of feminine expressions mixed with a fashionable way of life style. SuperDoll is classically trained in traditional American dance genres including jazz, ballet, and modern, but has additional Taiwanese style modern training which further encompasses Chinese traditional dance as a fundamental style. Given her extensive background, she’s gifted when it comes to movement, which allows her to easily adapt to the elegance and beauty of various dance styles; a skill she attributes to her interest in art as a child and her strict attention to the detail of the anatomy of the body. Whereas dancer’s typically only take into account the internal aspect of dance, SuperDoll considers both the external and internal compositions allowing her to build a complete scope of work through which she can build artistic connections through her movement.
Inspired subconsciously in 2004, SuperDoll wanted to create a physical solution for women that allowed them to be feminine, confident, and comfortable in their own skin. During this time, she believed that women lived almost double identities where they we’re expected to be primped, primed, and fashionable during the day while embracing the grungy hip-hop culture by night; there was no culture to nurture the femininity and identity of women in terms of their movement and social well-being. With this in mind, SuperDoll sought to make a difference by developing a mission with a statement and a philosophy grounded on translating who& what women are emotionally and mentally through physical expressions that nurture their identity and femininity allowing for liberated expression through dance and joy. Her end goal in exploring these passions is to manifest an avenue for “women to dance like women…act like women.” We had the pleasure of chatting with SuperDoll about the DaGG Movement and the essence of being a hottie in your own right!
What inspired the vision of DaGG?
A lot of people use cultural icons to do workouts/dance classes. The thing about these classes is that they don’t address cultural needs. A lot of people don’t want to be dancers, so when they do take these classes they aren’t empowered in other aspects of their lives. I wanted to have an all-around, 360 degree win system where you do one thing and everything is taken care of. It’s not just about the movement, but it’s about the experience. I take such significance in the work and its product. It’s about the philosophy and art behind it all that changes people’s life. I believe that art is the highest form of creating the dignity and pride of human civilization, and that is completely exclusive to DaGG. All mediums of materialism in the form of what we wear and how we express ourselves are through manifestations to experience this profound meaning, but to me the most important consideration is how you get to this meaning. I am a creator. I see the vision, and work to bring it to life. Thought leadership spins the world to help mankind, and that’s what DaGG represents.
What was the catalyst in the your development of the DaGG Movement?
It took me 7 years to leverage between social art and the aspect of culture that connects the two in order to express how art drives society and the connections that can be made as a result. For me personally, it took life experiences, commitment, courage, as well as the of convictions and confirmations of people’s own responses and reactions to DANCE a GoGo. I’ve heard women say that the experienced has transformed them by allowing for more confidence and deeply, enhanced connections that they wouldn’t be in tune with otherwise.

Who is DaGG designed for?
DaGG targets a vast audience from babies to grandmas! [laughs] Everyone was in mind when DaGG was designed. I’ve had pregnant women take classes and a 72-year old woman take a class and thank me for rebuilding her confidence. For me, that’s what living the message is all about…living outside of your own limits and boundaries. This program is not only sexy and fun, but empowering in a way that promotes its participants to be immersed in the cultural relevancy of style and movement.

What sets DaGG apart from a typical dance and exercise class?
DaGG can be described as a philosophical dance system, much like the practices of yoga and karate. The world doesn’t’ need another dance or cardio program that doesn’t do anything. What we need, and what DaGG represents is a mind and body connection and experience that is culturally relevant, and that is the key. Which program in fitness right now directly addresses women? Other than pole dancing and cheesy, lame flirty girl fitness classes, there are no programs that focus on women. [laughs] Where is the joy of the 80’s and the expression of women being feminine and confident? That is what the DaGG movement seeks to bring about.
What has been your favorite part of the DaGG experience?
I have A LOT to say about that. Women…crying in DaGG certifications, releasing their insecurities. As a part of the teaching trainings, we spend 1 hour getting to know who is who to build deeper connections with ourselves and each other. We breakout and say “I am so insecure about ____”, and next thing you know everyone breaks out and says ‘I feel the say way!’ and that’s the funniest part. [laughs]. Everyone needs a moment of truth. Even when we look like we have it all together, it’s amazing that as soon we sit everyone down, it’s empowering to see walls broken and people become vulnerable. We have a sisterhood chant that helps us break through.
Describe to elements of the DaGG Sisterhood.
The teachers are the Hotties and the Hottie Leaders. The ladies who take classes are DaGGettes and the guys are DaGGers. The DaGGers protect the DaGGettes to build a strong sisterhood. We’re like a society…it’s really fun and brings people together. Hottie leaders encourage DaGGettes and DaGGers to channel their hottie personas varying from sassy to sweet to posh to gangsta; all characters designed to bring people together.
Since its founding and inspiration, how have you continued to progress the DaGG motto to “Be a Hottie in your own right”?
A: We live in a very female competitive society where women are almost conditioned to feel that way. The more you become the role model of your message, that’s how you begin to affect change and develop an undeniable change. Being a ‘Hottie in your own right’ is about motivating women to embrace their individual beauty in a way that goes beyond the external to embrace intellect and the things they stand by with no standards and judgment. Being a ‘Hottie’ helps to connect the dots thereby allowing the expression of joy and kindness through the act of movement.

What details can you dish about the upcoming self-help book
The book is called reclaim you Super Power! It takes into account how to be empowered in life, work, and in love. Expect a philosophical system based on a spiritual approach with clear modern, society issues and the mental positioning that one should have to face anyone and anyone. Nothing is impossible, and that’s what the book is about…being a super hero..by SuperDoll. Expect the book early 2015!

To learn more about DANCE a GoGo, check them out here:
Website: http://danceagogo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danceagogo
YouTube: http://youtube.com/danceagogo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/danceagogo

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