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Behind The Scenes Look on NASCAR Crew Member Dion Williams


Pit Crew Member Dion Williams is not only changing front tires for Chase contender Jeff Gordon, but also does fitness, fashion and spending time with family according to Speedwaymedia.

Williams wasn’t always a crew member to Gordon in NASCAR. He played football at Wake Forest and was a star linebacker. He also played in the NFL for the Minnesota Vikings becoming a crew member. Williams started to become a crew member when his agent recommended him and has been doing it for nine years.

What separates him from other crew members in NASCAR is his dedication to fitness, physically and mentally. He developed a workout routine which helped him perform to his full potential.

It just never stops,” Williams said. “We have a stringent training regimen at work. Throughout all my career and life, I’ve played sports and worked out. “This team does such a good job with their training that it’s easy to stay in shape.

Williams also describes being in groups and working with different workout facilities. These workout facilities consist of equipment and a yoga mat. He also understands the importance of diet and nutrition that helps perform better on the track.

Our facilities rival some minor league and professional teams just by the staff, the amount of money into it, and the focus they put into it,” said Williams. “Actually I never took yoga seriously in the past and really just went to look at the teacher. Yoga is hard for me to do because I’m so heavy. The poses are hard but it’s mandatory that I go so I had an open mind to it. I talked to my instructor and she developed a routine for what I’m good at.We have nutritionists onsite. They give you the guidelines and go to the grocery store with you and show you how to read the labels and show you what you should and should not buy.”

In his off time he like fashion and loves to wear stylist shoes. He is careful on the shoes especially when it comes to changing the tires and loves to feel and look good. He loves his family a lot and takes care of this children even with his wife being a pharmacist. Williams balances both and pretty much is a caretaker for the family.

His focus is on the rest of the NASCAR season, but uses his outstanding work ethic to help propel the team to victories.

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