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Beyoncé Sued For $26M For Formation Sample

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As if Beyoncé’s hit single, “Formation,” didn’t get enough attention last year for it’s controversial messages surrounding black appropriation and feminism, it’s now become a legal problem for the Queen B.


According to NBC News, Beyoncé is being slay’ed all the way to the bank with a $26 million lawsuit for the alleged use of copyrighted lyrics from the estate of Messy Mya, an LGBTQ rapper and Youtube music star who was tragically killed in 2010 at 22 years old.


Messy Mya’s sister, Angel Barre, claims the “Single Ladies” star used excerpts from his popular 2010 youtube video called, “Booking the H*** From New Wildin,” without permission. The excerpts include,”What happened at the New Wil’ins?,”  and, “I like that.”


Barre’s law firm’s spokesperson, Glenda McKinley, spoke to NBC News about her feelings towards the situation. She mentioned that although she and her family was initially thrilled by the feature from an artist they idolized, she found the lack of compensation and acknowledgement pressing, to say the least.


Beyoncé nor her representative was available for comment.


This isn’t the first time Beyoncé’s been accused of copyright infringement. We can recall another one of her popular music videos from 2011, “Countdown,” where she was accused of stealing choreography and scenic creatives from Belgian artist, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker.


“This is plagiarism. This is stealing,” De Keersmaeker said in response to the stunt.


Nonetheless, Beyoncé still remains on top of the charts with her visual album, “Lemonade,” as nominee for Grammy’s Album of the Year Award. Amongst other things, she’s currently the most anticipated performance of Coachella 2017 and has been celebrating her pregnancy since it broke the record of most liked photo on Instagram.


If you ask me, things are looking rather up for Beyonce in these coming months, despite her current set back.


What are your thoughts?

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