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Big Sean Hosts Educational Workshops


While Big Sean‘s ‘I Decided’ Tour travels the U.S., the rapper will be making time in his schedule to host workshops under his Mogul Prep initiative. Offering young people education in how to find work in the music industry, Mogul Prep aims to curb the high rates of unemployment in his native city of Detroit and across the country.


Big Sean will be working with his mother, Myra Anderson, a former teacher, as well as industry experts to offer young people a head start in breaking into the music business, whether that’s as a musician, or in one of the vital jobs taking place behind the scenes. Sean spoke to Billboard about the project, saying “Basically, what we did was introduce some jobs to these kids in different ways in the music industry and how you can be involved. It’s me on the stage, but there are about 30 other people who are working for me to be on that stage.”


Starting on April 1, the Mogul Prep workshop will make three other stops in Silver Spring (April 8), Atlanta (April 18) and Miami (April 20). For more details, head to the Mogul Prep site here.

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