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Black History Month: Never Stop, Never Settle

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Celebrate Black History Month reading the brand new book “ Hennessy: A Toast to the World’s Preeminent Spirit,” written by Glenn O’Brien.


The motto “Never Stop, Never Settle” for Hennessy isn’t just about the taste of the drink. It’s about African Americans such as Herb Douglas, “Fab Five” Freddy BraithwaiteNas and others that accomplished so much for their communities. But not a lot of people know the full story of Hennessy and why it became so embedded in today’s lexicon of pop culture.


It starts with Douglas, who has a history of key moments in his life that made Hennessy the brand it is today. Here are the reasons why:


·       Carrying out the spirit of Hennessy’s “Never Stop. Never Settle.” mantra, Herb Douglas competed in track and field before many sports were open to African Americans

·       Douglas won the Bronze Medal in the long jump while representing the US in the 1948 Summer Olympics in London

·       After his athletic career, he became a salesman in the beverage industry

·       In 1968, Douglas became one of the first African American VPs in corporate America after Hennessy promoted him to Vice President

·       Today, at 94, Douglas is the oldest living African-American Olympian

The book itself also describes other details of his amazing career. Hennessy evolved over time from 1960s ad executives to cutting edge creatives in today’s society. The brand itself definitely has a place in American culture, which the book explores. Get a copy of “Hennessy: A Toast to the World’s Preeminent Spirit” starting at $33.25 on Amazon this week.

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