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Bleu Talk With Rob Hill, Sr.

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People are always in need of advice, inspiration, and motivation. We may see and know the answer that we seek, but it’s often more convincing when it’s heard, read and/or seen elsewhere or coming from someone else, specifically, from someone who has walked the path we may seek.

This makes it easier to gain an audience for someone like Rob Hill Sr. Not saying that it’s easy to gain ears or that people will easily follow, it’s just that people tend to gravitate toward someone who can speak from experience and spread wisdom in a way that makes a a goal seem achievable.

Bleu Magazine spoke to Hill about the path he has taken to get to where he is today and the path he intends to take to continue motivating others to create their own paths.

It seems as if people see your motivational words being retweeted and shared everywhere these days, how did you amass such a following?

I wanted to tell my truth in a way people could relate to. That’s been my goal the whole time. I wanted people to see a piece of themselves in my word, I knew that if I could do that effectively things would grow, and they did.

What set you on this path of motivating people?

I got it wrong a lot in life and I developed a lot of tools I felt other people could use. My plan wasn’t necessarily to motivate people; I just wanted to be a positive influence in the lives of those closest to me. When they had a bad day or a rough situation I wanted to be the person they called to make sense of it all. I wanted to be the one who helped them find purpose in their pain. Serving them in that manner led me to my purpose.

You’ve gone on tour previously with your “Living Life For A Living” and was successful and now you are embarking on your next tour titled, “I Want You To Be Good.” What are your tours about and how do you put together the agenda for them and how do you target people to come experience the tour?

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