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Exclusive: Interview with Rapper, Dunson “Your Honesty is Someone Else’s Honesty”

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With a music scene that is constantly changing it is refreshing to run into artist with talent, passion and poised to takeover. Meet Dunson!

First, congratulations on all your success. I want to know a little but more about you and how you got started. When did you start rapper?

Yeah, I got started in the industry kind of not being in the industry because I was in another industry [laughs]. So, I was in the investment world. I spent three years telling people where to put their stocks and portfolios. And that was during the recession, the big downturn and that was cool and all because I had a business degree or whatever, and it was all making sense but each and every night I was out, playing in different bands. I played keys and drums and stuff like that. So, I was fulfilling my musical desires half—part time and after a while I just saved up the money and decided to take a leap of faith and put out my own stuff and do music full-time because I believe that if there’s anything you want to do and be significantly successful at it, it requires your full-time attention. So, I took that leap and got into music, started releasing records on my own, releasing them through the blog world and things like that and everyone started to take notice and kinda build my internet buzz and then some big cats in the industry took notice and started throwing some bones, basically giving me some opportunities to showcase myself on a major scale. So, I started rapping full-time three years ago and now things are turning the corner.

So, how has growing up in the DMV area influenced your music?

I always tell people it’s the best place to grow up if you have musical inclinations. D.C. is gonna give you that percussion. You can’t escape the percussion influence of Go-go. It’s a great place. Real authentic music, live bands, things of that nature. By the time I was 8-years-old, I had a drum kit. It was at that point my sister lived in Laurel and my sister was heavy into go-go, so she bought a drum kit but never played it. So I ended up playing it every night and I would just play along with 93.9 when they did their go-go segment. Next thing you know, I have a little bit of musical experience, and then I was influenced by Baltimore’s club scene because they have such crazy electronic drum sequencing and chopped up vocal samples and things like that, which eventually became big in hip-hop when, like, Kanye would chop up old samples, which is almost the same thing, just more up tempo. So those two kinda intertwined and influenced me.

By the time I was 13, I had my mother buy me a sequencer so that I could start chopping up my own stuff. So I started up producing back in middle school. It’s the perfect place to grow up, right in between Baltimore and D.C. and the music scene.


I also read that you’re a multi-instrumentalist. You talked a little about playing the drums, but what other instruments do you play, and what’s your favorite?

I play piano and bass guitar, and actually regular guitar as well. So I play four instruments. My favorite, though, is the piano—and it used to be drums because I was best at it—but now I’m better at piano.  Piano is the central point for any melodic creation for me. So I can sit down at the keys and that’s where everything starts in terms of what I want to do melodically, what I want to rap over, specific emotions that we’re gonna go with, it’s like the writing points for me. And that ‘s why if I don’t have anything else, I need a piano. Whether it’s acoustic or a keyboard, I just need a piano to sit down and start ideas with.

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