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#BLEUTV Teedra Moses

You know her, you love her…she’s singer-songwriter Teedra Moses! Managing editor Reginald Larkin and Teedra sat down at the Bleu offices to discuss being pretty and keeping things real while on stage, Teedra’s relationship with Rick Ross and Mayback Music, and her plans for a long-awaited full-length album. Below are some excerpts that may answer some of your questions about the NOLA-born songtress. Check out the video above to hear it all for yourself and be sure to share us on Facebook and Twitter!

On being pretty but not “singing pretty”:
“I try to write more from the point of view from a rap record. My conversation on the record is not all super lovey dovey. Like on “All I Ever Wanted,” I’m talking about a man who wants to give me money to compensate for the love I’m giving him, he just doesn’t want to give love back…I could sing about being pretty because I’m pretty, but that’s not that big of a deal. That don’t move me.”

On Rick Ross and Maybach Music:
Really it’s just an affiliation. He respects what I do, and I respect what he does. I never signed a deal with them. When he needs me, he calls me and I can work with him. When I need him, I’ll call him and he does things for me. And the rest of the guys, it’s just an affiliation.

On her plans for a full-length album:
There’s always been plans for a full-length album (laughs). It’s an all-new EP that’s coming, mixed and mastered. ..it’s called Cognac & Conversations EP. There’s always been plans for The Lioness, but I don’t want to put out an album that people don’t hear.

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