Jay Ellis Covers Bleu

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Creating on screen sparks with Lauren London:
“I have to call upon my personal experience to identify with what Blue is going through. Dealing with two characters meeting each other for the first time, they have a spark and they’re falling in love.  You have to use personal experience.”
On his personal style:
“I’m a clean-cut classic kind of dude.  I’m probably in a black t-shirt everyday of my life. I love a sharp, well-tailored suit. Men don’t get to wear suits enough. I feel like a million bucks when I’m in a good suit. “
His ideal role:
“ I like the idea of playing a regular guy’s guy. Guys want to grab a drink with him and women want to be with him. A regular dude, who comes on hard times and then saves the day.I want to play a rapper one day and a do a biopic.”
Explaining how he landed the role of Blue on Bet’s The Game
“My career in acting has been short. I think my ambition has been why I was able to land such a successful show.There is something that fuels me to do what I do. It’s innate, it’s God given, it’s talent.”
His favorite city in the US:
“I LOVE LA, I LOVE LA.  I don’t know anyway to put it other than that. I like being home, I like being back in the states.On my perfect LA day, I would wake up, surf, get brunch in Santa Monica, and hike.”

Words by Reginald Larkin | Shot by Elton Anderson

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