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Bombshell’s “It Girl” is True: Crystal Tyler

Having a vision is one thing but possessing enough drive to successfully see to it that your vision is realized can open a door to a whole new ball game. However, beauty maven Crystal Tyler didn’t come to play the game, the self-made entrepreneur came to score all the winning shots.

Crystal Tyler, founder and CEO of Tru Kream Cosmetics, created her beauty line in May of 2013 in her hometown of Akron, Ohio and in less than 2 years the brand has gained an immense amount of loyal consumers craving the Kream.

Having a desire to attain all the great things that life can offer has been in Crystal since the age of 10 and it was her father who would always talk to her about the importance of being her own boss.  That desire stayed with her throughout her life and was the initial spark to light the path as she embarked on the journey of creating Tru Kream.

When asked what her biggest struggle has been she states, ” Trying to get my brand out there and have other people believe in me and my vision. A lot of time when you have a dream you will see your vision so clear but the tricky part is trying to convince others to see and understand that vision. That’s definitely a struggle but I’m here and I’m going to be here for the long term.”

Her humble response to what inspires her is heart-felt and meaningful.
“My biggest influencer would be my Father and his son which is Jesus. Without him, who am I?”

With her uncompromising determination and boss like attitude, Crystal continues to strive for greatness no matter the circumstances. Her main goal for 2015 is to have Tru Kream  sold in all major beauty stores. ” I just keep pushing, I go and knock on everybody’s salon door with my products and my business cards just to make more people aware of my brand. I’ve come way too far and I won’t stop until my line is sold everywhere.”

Her advice to other young women who seek to blaze the entrepreneurship trail is compelling and held in high regards.
” Whatever is in your heart just go for it, there will be set backs and disappointments but as long as you have it in you and that’s what you want then go get it.”
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Ebony Allison attended The Art Institute of Atlanta where she studied Fashion/Retail Management. She is currently the Fashion Editor for Bombshell by Bleu. Follow her @ebonyaalayah

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