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#BombshellTalk with Author and Entrepreneur Malacka Reed


In writing you tend to come across tons of people with vastly different stories however it’s seldom that you come across a person of interest that wholistically and geniunely connects with you at the core. I mean, whats the likelihood of an instant connection and relatablity of energy with the billions of people there are nativgating our world.  Nonetheless I experienced this while reading Author, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker, Malacka Reed’s new book “I’m Ready for My Close Up”; then once again while conducting my interview with her! I may not have exprienced the exact same things as Ms. Reed but I can totally relate to her hunger, drive, focus and astounding faith! I believe you will be able to as well!unnamed-1

 Malacka was brave and decided to tell her story in her book, “I’m ready for my close up”. When I say story, I mean full life story, unfiltered and unapologetically.

In the book she documents her struggles growing up in inner city Baltimore, Md, struggling to make it, questionable choices and becoming a teenage mother. When I asked Malacka what inspired her to tell her story she said: “My mission in life is to empower, uplift and inspire  young woman all over the world, definitely man as well but the reason why I focus so much on women is because I feel like we are mothers of the earth and as long as the woman rise the men will follow and rise and then on nation rises. ” I find that the most engaging people that really help change lives are those that do so through their own truths and willingness to share them.  Malacka says “Sometimes when women like myself are in these positions and we grow to a certain level people that admire you don’t know everything you had to through to get to greatness. It was important that I write my story and put it  out there for two reasons.  One, when I get to a certain level of success noone would be able to out me. Two, I could save a whole lot of individuals who feel like they have  no way out of darkness, are alone, confused and suffering with my story.”

Take a look at Ms. Reed in action:

Speaking from experience, Baltimore is not really setup to support and push the forward creative and entreprenuerial mindset. I grew up in what many call the hood and its so hard to see beyond what you happen to be living in. I talked with Malacka about what made her feel that she had to change her life and she responded: “Baltimore isn’t setup for women to think oustide the box or owners of their own companies. I was raised in the inner city east baltimore projects and I let that be known because its a big difference living in the projects. In spite of the mess  that I was in I always focused on teaching myself how to speak and living and thinking outside the box. I have always had a way about me that was just different. We I decided to change my life I had become a teenage mother (age 15  at the time of birth). My daughter, I describe as my why. She became my why as to why I needed to change my way of thinking. She was the why I needed to change the people I had been hanging around. She became my way I needed to change my behavior.  She gave me that extra motivation  to become all that I felt I could be.”

Many people don’t realize that if you want to change your life you have to change your thoughts and this is a mantra that Malacka lives by. She knew that in order to reach her goals she would have to seperate herself from any and everything that did not support the pursuit of her goal. That goal was her own cosmetic makeup line which she started 4 years ago called Skai Ryan Cosmetics. In order to acheive this big dream Malacka quite her full time job, went back to school, got a new job in the industry making much less than she had before and  changed up the people and places she visited. The journey to her greatest was a rocky one but one that she welcomed, bumps and all.

I urge everyone to pick up Malack’s book  to get the full scoop on her life story from her lowest lows to the highest of highs. It is truly a piece of literature that can be a great source of inspiration! Check it out on Amazon or her website MalackReed.com.



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