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Bored Student Cooks Meth As A Test

via Wired

You read that right, kids. A Brigham Young University student, Bryce Cazier, decided to try his hand at cooking meth to see if he actually remembered how. The Salt Lake City resident was caught when his roommate found the smellof ammonia in their shared apartment. While Cazier tried to convince his roommate that he was just “extracting oils” from some herbs, the roommate decided to call the police. Good plan, guy.

Cazier explained to the police that he was just bored and intentionally made ammonia to see if he still remembered exactly how to make meth. He came clean and said this instead of lying and saying he was making soap, like he did in 2014. The police found a shopping list of suspicious items, which included Sudafed and sulfuric acid. Anyone who’s seen Breaking Bad knows that those two ingredients, Sudafed especially, are key to cooking up some meth.

Cazier is now facing first degree felony for having “clandestine laboratory precursors,” according to VICE. While we don’t know how much jailtime he will have to serve, it is clear that maybe next time he should just not be bored enough to cook meth. Hobbies are a thing you know, Bryce.

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