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Bryson Tiller: T R A P S O U L


Playful punchlines, amazing production, and peculiar sample choices are just a few things we’ve noticed and loved instantly. Bryson’s Tiller’s EP Trapsoul is very reminiscent of 90’s R&B, 2000’s sampling, and a flow of dare I say it, Drake. Perhaps that comparison is a bit of a stretch considering the 6 God is latest lyrical bully of rap bars; however, its a true enough statement for the “Charged Up” Canadian to take notice of the Kentucky song killer.

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Never forget that phone call I got from Timbo and Richie
When I was in Philly, that’s when I knew this shit wasn’t given
Then shit really got crazy when, got the kicks from Drizzy. Well, the recognition from Drizzy alone
I remember when they slept on me, memory phone“. – Verse 3 “TEN NINE FOURTEEN b51aac3ff6175069a0ff80a70f1d2371


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