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Road Trippin’: You’re Going To Need A Buick LaCrosse & Your Friends In Order To Travel & Slay

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When is the last time you went on a road trip–in a Buick. I’m not talking about those summer moments when you were growing up and your mom piled you into the car without air conditioning to take you to go hang out with your cousins, who lived on the other side of town.

I’m talking about a grown ass road trip, hopping in the car with your arranged Spotify or Apple Music (I’m all about equal opportunity) playlists, snacks on deck and friends in tow for a drive that will take you to a place you’ve never been before, but you’re glad you came! I know, I know—who actually has the time for all that? I can hear you asking it.

Once you graduate into adulthood and your 9-5 (or later) becomes your way of life, it’s tough to take significant amount of time away and hit the wide-open highway with your friends who coincidentally were able to get the same time off. Hopping on a plane is easy and faster, but taking time to actually sight-see on your way to your destination can be a bit more fun. But just because your time is limited and your reliable friends are few, you don’t have to miss out on a good road trip.

You can hop in the car (preferably a Buick LaCrosse) with three of your faves and drive a couple of hours (as opposed to days) and still get that ultimate road trip experience. Which is exactly what I’ve done.

I grabbed three of my favorite boys, hopped in a Buick Lacrosse, courtesy of GM (THANKS GM!), and had a ball driving to the Hamptons, off season. Listen, sometimes going places off-season is a good look, trust me. Peak season means peak prices and peak people. Sometimes, you should just unplug.

Manhattanites love a good reason to leave the city–don’t let them tell you any different. But when a friend asked me if I wanted to road trip to the Hamptons while it was still cold outside, I wrinkled my nose. What finally convinced me is when he told me that it would be the unplugged weekend to end all unplugged weekends. There would be no crowds, no honking, no problems—other than choosing which sweats to pack.

Thanks to GM, the ride there was far too short. We could have all sat in that car much longer. The Buick LaCrosse was the lap of luxury without being snooty. Well, the LaCrosse could certainly be snooty if it wanted it—it’s kind of a perfect car.

Road trips make me nervous because I am 6ft. tall. The last thing I want is to be scrunched into a space for hours. Myself and one of my tallest road trip boys sat in the front, pushed our seats back where we needed them to be for our comfort, and our boys in the backseat still had space to move their short legs.

Most people know—in sedans, that’s not usually an option. The heated seats allowed myself and my tall front seat passenger to warm our derrières, completely unaware of the frost nipping at our windows. It was like sitting in a spa for the entire trip. The car is so sleek and modern, you or anyone riding in it won’t even realize it’s a Buick. This brand has completely elevated their aesthetic.

One thing I really loved is that I never had to worry about my connection, even riding through the trees—the car came with its own 4G LTE Wi-Fi that kept us all connected throughout the ride. It made Snapchatting everything—which I am known to do—so much easier. I also suck at backing up and the house we stayed at in the Hamptons had one heck of a driveway. I was able to back out of there like a champ because of the camera with the red, yellow and green indicators that alert you when it’s time to abort the back out mission.

Listen when I tell you—there’s so smoother, safer and sexier car out there for you to take your adult road trip with. Well, maybe there are, but there’s none like the Buick LaCrosse! It’s fierce, spacious and all kinds of perfection. Get you some!

Thanks GM!

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