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California Is The Ideal Place To Live In Right Now

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In today’s world California may be seen as the spot to live in. While some may like the frigid weather conditions, others prefer a nice breezy and hot day. California has all these qualities, which makes it perfect for someone who really wants to invest their money on living there. Well, here are facts according to Matador Network on why Cali is the ideal place to live in before it’s too late.


1. Mild Year-Round Climate

Rain may occur during the year, but there are still a lot of blue skies to see on a daily basis. Don’t have to worry about snow, which is perfect considering how smooth it is on going to work.


2. Tacos!

The lifestyle of California can’t be complete without a taco trunk around the corner or Mexican restaurant. Eating in Cali is a lifetime experience for taco lovers, because they will never think of Mexican food the same ever again.


3. Two Beautiful Cites To Live In

A love-hate relationship between San Francisco and Los Angeles won’t stop the endless amount of options they present compare to the east coast. Beautiful beaches, a strong art community, good food, and outdoor activities, it makes it exciting for those that love to be active.


4. In-N-Out Burger

Probably one of the best restaurants to eat a burger in the United States. This has to be on the to do list as the high quality ingredients and hand cut fries makes McDonald’s look like a JV team.


5. Top Quality Wine

Napa Valley or Santa Barbara wine country deliver good chardonnays and pinots in this wine-loving state. Anyone should stock up on wine bottles from a local market to make it a special date night.

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