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Cam Newton Against all Odds


On Monday, November 18th The Carolina Panthers faced The New England Patriots. The prediction of Cam Newton leading the Panthers to victory was very slim. Tom Brady, Two times Super Bowl MVP and Three times Super Bowl Champion have always been a favored quarter back in the NFL.

The competition level between both quarter backs was very exciting to watch. The entire game was severely close all the way to the final seconds. Late in the fourth quarter Cam Newton was put to the test. The Carolina Panthers, down three points with a couple minutes on the clock got the prayer they needed answered with a 83 yard drive for a touchdown. During this drive, Cam had a remarkable rush, where he faked out four New England Patriots for a 13 yard gain on 3rd down for the first. The momentum was felt throughout the entire stadium.

Tom Brady is no stranger to having his back against the wall. The New England Patriots had one remaining time out left to reach the end zone before time expires. As the clock runs down, The Patriots face 18 yards to score with just 3 seconds left. Tom Brady throws a pass, in hopes for Rob Gronkowski to make the catch. Unfortunately the pass was intercepted by Robert Lester, a rookie safety. Before Carolina fans could celebrate the officials threw a flag on the play. In disbelief the fans did not want New England to have a second chance to score. After a discussion between officials the ruling on the play was overthrown because Rob Gronkowski was not in a situation to even make the catch. The Carolina Panthers defeated the New England Patriots, 24 to 20. Cam Newton and The Carolina Panthers are on a six game win streak.

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