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Captain America: Civil War Review: A Masterpiece Out Of The Marvel Universe That Will Be Talked About For Years

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WARNING SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! (some scenes and moments are discussed in the review. Recommended for those that saw the movie.)


The most anticipating superhero movie of the year lives up to it’s expectations, and definitely beats “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” in a landslide. “Captain America: Civil War” starts out phase three of the Marvel films with a bang, making it a masterpiece that will be talked about for years.


The story itself starts out with a flashback of the Winter Solider doing an assassination mission under Hydra, getting information from a rich family (which will be a foreshadowing moment later in the film). Then fast-forward to the present time, the new Avengers (Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch) were on a mission to defeat Crossbones, getting revenge against Cap. At the end of the fight, Crossbones attempt to self-destruct with Cap almost happened him until Scarlet Witch took Crossbones to a building, killing innocent people as well.


From that point on and past incidents before, it was a decision from the government to have superheroes be accountable for their actions under the law, approved by all of the countries in the world. Tony Stark aka Iron Man agreed with decision, but Cap was against it. It pretty much became a split of those rebelling against the government as oppose to those with it.


The story itself from beginning to end was a masterpiece based on dealing real-life issues. Even in today’s society, some of the government decisions are conflicts from communities to political parties. Too much lives, feelings against one another and friendships were broken due to what they believe is right. It got even worst when the Winter Solider was frame by a Hydra scientist to start the conflict between the Avengers.


The appearance of Black Panther played by T’Challa was one of the best moments of the film. His focus on what he believes is right was a trend throughout the film. Even having the suit be indestructible against the Winter Solider was remarkable. But the story can’t be complete without the action of the film.

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