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Car Enthusiasts Shouldn’t Fear Self-Driving Vehicles In The Future

Self Driving Car

Motorists and car enthusiasts shouldn’t fear the future of self-driving vehicles coming into existence.

John Krafcik, auto industry veteran and chief executive officer of Google’s self-driving car project, believes drivers will still be able to drive their own care despite having auto options.

“I think we will still have as many – or maybe more – exciting, emotional, wonderful performance cars in the future,” he said Tuesday in an appearance one day before the start of the New York Auto Show according to Autoblog. “I don’t see that going away.”

It’s pretty interesting for Krafcik to say such a statement like that. As technology increases, cars start to adapt to its surroundings. Self-driving vehicles is just several years away. Krafcik would need the government to approve this for the process to continue. Only time will tell with how the future looks for self-driving vehicles.

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