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Getting in shape is always at the top of most people's resolution lists at the beginning of every year. So, of course, you'll want

Prevention Magazine characterizes quark as “…a spoonable cheese from Germany that’s poised to be the next high-protein, low-calorie hotshot in US dairy aisles.” Misha

Venice California-based brand Electric & Rose is making their mark in the world of premium clothing for an active lifestyle. We sat down with

Khloe Kardashian, who just celebrated her 32nd birthday on June 27th, has been looking better than ever lately! However, she is not interested in

Working out on a consistent basis can decrease a person's risk for these 13 types of cancer according to Medical Daily. Esophageal cancer by

Tomorrow (April 16th) is National Stress Day and for many of us, stress is a major factor that can sometimes hinder us from tackling

Ever need a change of pace in your fitness level to break out of a plateau? Well these 12 exercises can help. This seven

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