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G-SHOCK revealing the GAX100 and GWX5600 models that will be


G-SHOCK's GRAVITYMASTER GPW2000-1A, first-ever Bluetooth connected model in the Master


G-SHOCK announces the men's Yellow Accent Color Series, introducing the XL ana-digi matte black men’s GA100 and GA110 models.   Both of these models feature bright

By Simon Hurley   As a 21st century bloke, chances are you’ve already dedicated a room to your leisure time. Everybody needs their own space and

Nowadays it is easy to design homes with an app than hiring a home designer. They can easily help visualize a person's home and

Casio G-SHOCK collaborates with legendary New York street artist, STASH, on a new watch known as the GA100ST-2A.   “The community embraced G-SHOCK way early on

New York City-based premium audio company Master & Dynamic and renowned architect Sir David Adjaye collaborate on the first MA770 wireless speaker.   “This speaker is

Casio G-Shock unveils the Clean Military Series with models based on the G-Shock DW5600.   This new collection pretty much complements any spring or summer wardrobe.

Sales-wise, it hasn’t been Microsoft’s generation. While the Xbox One is doing better on the market than its predecessor, the Xbox 360, the newer

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