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Popular NFL video game Madden 18 taking it to the next leveling by introducing their new mode, "Longshot," featuring Moonlight star and House of

Sales-wise, it hasn’t been Microsoft’s generation. While the Xbox One is doing better on the market than its predecessor, the Xbox 360, the newer

https://twitter.com/gamespot/status/821769123663380480   In a week when a Resident Evil film is making waves at the global box office at the same time as a new game

20 years since "Resident Evil" came out on the PlayStation, enduring fear on the player as they go through a mansion facing creatures and

Nintendo Switch going to have accessories come with the system this spring thanks to hardware and accessory company Snakebyte.   With the Nintendo Switch coming out

Ariana Grande is kicking 2017 off by branching out from singing and acting — and becoming a video game character! The superstar teased on Instagram

Now that the new year is here, video game fans are excited some of the most anticipated horror games coming out soon. While hardcore

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