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Luke Cage is newest installment to the Marvel Netflix series. Although it's based in Harlem New York, having a strong black lead character is

The interns at Bleu had the wonderful opportunity to interview director Justin Tipping, known for his most recent movie, KICKS. KICKS is about a

SPOILER ALERT (Some scenes are discussed during the review. Please be advised!!!!) Everyone remembers the good old days of watching Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles on

Warning SPOILER ALERT (Some scenes or moments are discussed during the review.) This year of superhero movies continues to be an up and down roller

WARNING SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!! (some scenes and moments are discussed in the review. Recommended for those that saw the movie.)   The most anticipating superhero movie of

(SPOILER ALERT) WARNING: PART OF THE REVIEW INVOLVES SCENES FROM THE MOVIE. The hype for the biggest superhero movie in Hollywood history ends up

When Zoolander came out, it was an instant classic. The cast of Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and others made it comical with the funny

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