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Cavaliers Need To Make LeBron James Official Head Coach Of The Franchise


The Cleveland Cavaliers need to stop playing games and make LeBron James official head coach of the franchise.

It’s plain and simple for even the average fan to see where the Cavaliers are. After losing a 20 point lead against the Houston Rockets, they are not a great team without James on the court. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are ball-dominant players who don’t work together well.

Irving is a ball-hogger who dribbles too much for a shot, making fans boo at his play. Love just takes more threes than any one on the court and doesn’t make anyone better. Clearly James is needed on the court. He is their point guard, player coach, general manager and pretty much owner of the franchise.

It’s terrible for head coaches who stand by with this because James is being disrespectful to them. Not only does he not listen to them, he thinks no one is paying attention to that.  The media knows since he even came in the league how much power James has on the team.

Only the Miami Heat manage to make James listen to Pat Riley due to his championship pedigree. Cleveland overall, doesn’t have those components. You know you’re a bad franchise if you never won a title. James is at least making them relevant in the NBA. If they really want to keep James for the future, making him official head coach may work. Otherwise he will continue to be disrespectful to any head coach unless they have a championship pedigree.

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