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Cavaliers Outrageous Three Point Shooting May Have Came At The Wrong Time

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“To me, it’s not like, who is [No.] 1, 2 or 3,” Tyronn Lue said according to ESPN. “Like, you’re the Big Three. We’re trying to win. It doesn’t matter whose team it is. It’s Dan Gilbert’s team, you know what I’m saying? … You got to come out and you got to be productive every single night and ever since then, it’s been great.”

It’s been great for the hottest team in the postseason shooting the lights out from the three point line. Not only did they swept the Detroit Pistons and Atlanta Hawks.  They send out a message to everyone in the postseason on being competitive against the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors in a three point shootout. But did it come at the wrong time?

There are reasons to believe why this may be a negative effect on the team’s offense. One reason is the fact that they will have a lot of rest before the eastern conference finals. Shooting is all about rhythm and spacing. They found themselves with flow, great movement and more importantly more LeBron James penetrating with the basketball. Eventually they will come down to earth as no one can keep up with this amount of shooting, especially against poor defenses.

Another reason is the fact that “you are who you are.” The Cavaliers are not a live and die by the three point shot type of team. They are more of a balanced team that wants to score more in transition with a half offense dictated by James. If they rely on the three point shot so much like the Warriors, they will fall into a trap.

The Houston Rockets try to do the same against the Warriors and failed, because they weren’t a consistent three point shooting team. Most of the time it’s one person dribbling and kicking it out to a three point shooter, which the Cavaliers are doing right now, but with James leading the offense.

Now they will most likely be in the NBA finals without a loss, facing either the Warriors or Spurs. In order for them to win a title, they need to be balanced and trust each other more. Will see what they do against the more competitive teams, and see how great they really are.

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