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Ricardo Carvolo And Carlos Campos Celebrated The 222nd Anniversary Of Jose Cuervo


The atmosphere was just right for the extravagant celebration of Jose Cuervo’s 222nd Anniversary with Ricardo Cavolo and Carlos Campos.


This celebration took place last Wednesday at the Kola House in NYC with friends coming along tasting the four limited additions of Tequila. Cavolo along with Campos, who represents the US and Latin fashion, designed the collection for the anniversary. The four bottle designs from Cavolo represents the company’s history with four unique meanings and names such as: The Heart of an Industry, The Devil’s Water, A Special Lady, and A Music Inspiration.


Cavolo feels that the brand has had many celebrations but this one specifically, 222nd, was a special one along with the collaboration, and freedom to create his own designs. Campos is excited to work with someone who is well known in the art world and understand the passion behind it as he does. What makes this celebration so special is the brand itself being that Jose Cuervo is a well-known Tequila that has plenty of fans. It comes from a long life background from where the liquor only expanded in Mexico to being pushed as an amazing brand in the business and around the world.


Cavolo then gives deeper meaning into the key periods of Jose Cuervo that carries unique names, and for each bottle they wanted to have a story behind them. “The Heart” has to do with the passion that you would need to create something so important, and also marks the birth of the Tequila category. “The Devil” gained this name when it arrived to the United States as The Devil’s Water because hey! “You can understand if you drink a little bit of it”, explained by Cavolo. When this liquor came across the boarder to the US it was known as a very dangerous, mysterious drink. “A Special Lady” took place because this was the first brand to have a female leader, Ana Gonzalez-Rubio y de la Torre, which is something remarkable in the industry. Lastly, “The Music Inspiration” comes from Tequila being connected with music from the Rolling Stones‘ legendary 1972 Tequila Sunrise Tour to different anthems.


On Campos’ end these different key periods are special for the capsule collection and it was so easy for him to work with the artwork that Cavolo has already created, being that he is coming from a designer background. Campos wanted to stay true to Cavolo’s art and plus “as a designer every collection that I create is inspired by characters, and most of these characters are Latino, Central, South American characters, so this was a perfect match for us” Campos shares.


Overall, Campos and Cavolo on a scale 1-10 would rate this collaboration a 120! What we can expect next from Cavolo is more marketing and might even see a new collection coming soon. For Campos, he will be developing his own clothing brand, which is a huge goal in his career.


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