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Celebrity Social Media Fails

Geralda Rivera

Social media can be a great tool to use for artist/public figures. Singles can be released, cover albums shown and it also keeps artist in touch with fans. Unfortunately sites such as Twitter can also backfire for public figures when unusual tweets are put out. Since the year 2013 is almost coming to a close, we thought we’d share three social media fails of the year.

1. Gucci Mane Twitter tirade
In September Gucci went on a slew of tweets that mentioned Nicki Mianj, Waka Flocka, Rocko, Keyshia Ka’oir and T.I. Not only did these random tweets having us scratching our heads, but the spelling was a mystery as well. It seemed like a publicity stunt to us, but to no avail. It was later blamed on a “hacked account”.

2. Martha Stewart Apple Fail
On September 25th Martha Stewart tweeted “I just dropped my iPad on the ground and shattered two glass corners. What to do?does one call Apple to come and pick it up or do I take it?” After posing this question it was followed by a series of other tweets, where in the end she tried to play it off. I’m sure her publicist was happy.

martha stewart

3. Geraldo Rivera No Shirt Fail
In the summertime talk show host Geraldo Rivera decided to tweet a shirtless picture of himself with the caption “70 is the new 50”. It speaks for itself.This wouldn’t’ first fail and I’m sure it won’t be his last.

Geralda Rivera

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