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Cheers To Prosecco



Cheers To Prosecco:

Without question one of the most recognized Italian sparkling white wines in the world.

This tasty sparkling wine first developed in the early 20th century and it has managed to become one of America’s favorite wines. The development of Prosecco has been refined over the centuries. Using the Charmat method or to say the “tank” method, the Italian expertise introduced us to the freshness of Prosecco in every sip. This approach allows the Glera grapes to remain bright and crisp under pressure. The outcome is a clear straw yellow with a splash of elegance!

The light bubbling beverage compliments any occasion with its simplicity and fresh fruitiness. Whether you’re getting ready for a crazy Sunday night football with your friends or simply preparing an unforgettable night with your family, Prosecco pairs perfectly. From beginning to end Prosecco offers bright and rich flavors, which will keep your guests’ spirit up.  This refreshing wine only contains 11% of alcohol, just enough strength to keep the celebration going all night.

If your are looking for a guest-friendly, food-friendly, festive, sparkling white wine, Prosecco is the magic touch!






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