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Chris Rock’s “Total Blackout Tour” Coming Soon To Netflix

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Nine years since his last stand-up special, comedic living legend, Chris Rock, returns to the stage in a much-anticipated performance that is set to become a Netflix special.


Mr. Rock stopped in Durham, N.C. on his new, “Total Blackout Tour,” this past Monday as he took the audience by surprise with promised “all new material.” His jokes always push the envelope, leaving audiences in a hysterical blend of disbelief and awe. But this older version of Rock, now 52, is shocking people in a different way by showing a more vulnerable side. He explains that his return from a nine-year hiatus is due to his and ex-wife, Malaak Compton’s, divorce from their 16-year marriage by saying, “This is what alimony will do to you.”


Mr. Rock is also known as one of the few comedians who is honest. He believes in the grounds in which his jokes are constructed, but no one expected him to be so open about his personal insecurities and guilt – going into detail about his infidelities and blaming his failed marriage only on him. During his set, viewers can expect to hear, “I wasn’t a good husband. I wasn’t kind. I cheated,” in a softer, quieter tone than we might be used to.


“Total Blackout Tour” is a full-circle moment for Rock seeing as his last special, “Kill the Messenger,” came out during the 2008 elections, where he made jokes about John McCain. In light of the election of Donald Trump, Mr. Rock does not shy away from commenting on the current social and political climate, without giving into the panic that a lot of comedians have portrayed. Instead, he reflects on black history by proclaiming, “I’m not scared. I’m black. The future is always better when you’re black.” Mr. Rock calls Barack Obama an anomaly, and states that Mr. Trump’s presidency is “business as usual” since rich white men have run this country for centuries, especially in a conservative nation.


In this special, Rock wants to let us know who he is on a deeper level. This is still comedy, but he will make us question love, politics, and even faith in God, while making as gasp for breath from laughter. His jokes will carry more weight than ever before.


“Total Blackout Tour” will be released on Netflix as part of an astonishing $40 million deal. It is sweeping across the nation through June 3. Click here for cities and dates.

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